September 2017: GlassUp has started working on UNO-SPORT, the Horizon 2020 project for which the company based in Modena has won over € 1,000,000 from the European Commission. Since September 2017, the project has been taking shape. Today B1, augmented reality add-on for bike helmets, is at the prototypal stage. Since foundation indeed, GlassUp has been working on augmented reality. Today, the company is on the market with F4, AR goggles for industrial use. Thanks to the know-how acquired, GlassUp decided to undertake another project, UNO-SPORT whose main target is represented by cyclists.

To realize a first prototype of B1, GlassUp has cooperated with Salice, an Italian company that produces helmets and sports glasses. On the basis of Stelvio, bike helmet provided by Salice, GlassUp has designed the electronical and optical system to be integrated in the device. The electronics is protected by a resistant polycarbonate shell, the optics uses a system that, unlike that designed for F4, projects the contents and relevant information directly on the fov of the cyclist wearing the helmet. The thermoformed polycarbonate protective lens completes the helmet design. The AR system can be
The augmented reality system can be activated via two functional buttons on / off located at the top of the device. On the back of the product, there is a USB input for recharging the batteries.


The device presents an interlocking mechanism and is designed to be removed in case of need. In this way, the cyclist can decide whether to simply use the protective helmet or make use of the enormous potential of augmented reality.
But which are the specific features of the product? The device will use an app connected via Bluetooth to a mobile application that will provide information related to maps and sports performance.
In addition, the user will see all the notifications normally received through smartphone, directly on his field of view. This will allow them to keep cycling avoiding dangerous distractions.


B1, still in the prototype phase, is designed for cyclists passionate about technology and is almost ready for CE certification.  Stay tuned!

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